2019 Bakari Legacy Event

Austin, TX

Thanks for your ongoing support of The Bakari Foundation and participation in the 2nd Annual Bakari Legacy Event.  We were blown away by how our family, friends, and community showed up!!! We are honored to introduce you to the Lawlor family from Connecticut, our first family to receive the Transformative Travel Experience. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome the Lawlor’s, who lost their precious daughter Emily Todd on December 9, 2018, into our family. 


The Henderson Family pictured with Greg Henry & Tom Lawlor (Emily’s Uncle & Stepfather)

The Bakari Foundation 2019 Transformative Travel Experience Recipient

The Lawlor Family

  “Emily Elizabeth Todd, was raised in our small hometown of Bethel, CT. From the time she was a little girl Emily had an incredible ability to see the good in people. If she knew someone was hurting she did everything she could think of to help them. Emily was an honor student and graduated in 2015 earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University located in Cambridge, MA.  

Emily Elizabeth Todd

Although tragedy brought us together, our love for Em and B will help us navigate through this unthinkable journey connected by their compassion for others. Jenn and Tom, thank you for agreeing to use travel as one of your healing mechanisms and know that we’re here with you for the long haul!!  

The Bakari Foundation Board & Lawlor Family


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