Dr. Allen R. Sullivan, Ph.D.


At his core, Allen R. Sullivan is an educator, seeking to make an impact and difference in all the young lives he meets. Dr. Sullivan has distinguished himself as a professional and educator working in diverse areas of the discipline and teaching a wide array of courses to ensure the most optimal quality in educational delivery at all levels.  

Still he has gained administrative acumen overseeing the work of professional educators to provide the necessary knowledge and skill base for wide community of learners to equip generations to come.

He has consistently achieved excellence in all things, both ordinary and extraordinary.  During his professional career, Dr. Sullivan has published more than 70 book chapters, articles, reviews, technical reports for scholarly and professional journals and manuals.  

Likewise, he has written a significant range of funded service and applied research grants in the field of curriculum development for an array of educational areas, including special education, psychological testing, talent and gifted performance, the visual and performing arts, multiculturalism, linguistics, behavioral management, parent and community engagement, infant tutelage, and youth development, among other subject areas. Still, he has served as a participant and consultant for White House initiatives on character building for a democratic and civil society.

Dr. Sullivan began his career in education working as a public school teacher with Syracuse Public Schools. He also held professorate positions with Syracuse University, University of Minnesota, William & Mary College, The University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at Austin, and University of North Texas at Denton, where he taught a range of courses on developmental, industrial, and organizational development psychology.  

Additionally, Dr. Sullivan has secured opportunities leading to appearances on national television, extensive visiting and guest lectures at numerous colleges, universities, law enforcement agencies, human services organizations and Fortune 500 companies addressing the affects and effects of education on human capital and future civil engagement.  His work has taken him to spaces across the United States, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Presently, Dr. Sullivan holds the title of Emeritus Assistant Superintendent of The Office of Student Development & Advocacy Services with the Dallas Independent School District where he served more than three decades as a senior central administrator.

A native of Cambridge, Mass., Dr. Sullivan earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Northeastern University in Boston; a master’s and doctorate degrees in education and education development psychology respectively from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.  Postdoctoral studies were attained at the University of Minnesota School of Law.

He also holds credentialing from the Texas Board for Educators and Administrator Certification; Summer Institute on College Admission from Harvard University; and the United States Naval Academy.